bendylegs (ben-di-legs)

ORIGIN: Summer 2003. Our nephew Charlie, Tresaith Beach, West Wales. Aged 3 and 3/4.

'I can’t walk up to the hill (from the beach) I’ve got bendylegs.'

• the state or condition of weakness in legs: Mummy, I'm tired. I’ve got bendylegs
- a reason for non compliance on shopping trips and walks: I want to go home, I’ve got bendylegs

• the wonderful feeling of tiredness in your legs after a long walk, run or bike in the fresh air 

bolthole (bōlt hōl)


  1. a place where a person can escape and hide.

    "he thought of Tresaith as a possible bolthole"


      a hole or burrow by which a rabbit or other wild animal can escape.


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