Our Bendylegs Boltholes are all run independently. No third parties. Boltholers communicate directly: a personal and more bespoke travel experience. We, as owners, all communicate with each other, share information and help each other. We are a bit of a Coop, I guess. Collaborating with each other to give the best 'live like a local' experience! 

Holiday time is precious. We put you in touch with local people: caterers, photographers, activity providers, fishing guides or cake makers and tell you where to find the secret spots in the area. This offers you the opportunity to really enjoy your break like a local and have a much deeper connection with your surroundings.

Not all Boltholes are the same, they are all individual, as are their owners! Some are second homes, some are primary family homes. Some are open plan, some have a cottage feel. Some have views to die for, others will make you want to curl up in front of the fire. We are not 'selling' a standardised holiday cottage we are just matchmaking and linking owners and local businesses to guests to give authentic travel experiences and to help local businesses.


Whether you rent, swap or trade homes with each other...  The rest is up to you. 


Bendylegs HQ